#3- Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim was born on December 27 1955 in Ratnagiri, India. He is the head of D-Company, an organized crime group all through India, Pakistan, UAE and other countries. Ibrahim is nicknamed the “gold man.” Some say he has a net worth of less than 1 billion, others say. that he has more than 20 billion. Either way he’s very rich.

Dawood started out as a retail extortionist, extorting small businesses for money. As a teenager, Ibrahim formed D-company. His gang was charged with murder, fighting against rival gang, Lala. Later, he moved to the United Arab Emirates. He began smuggling gold and drugs to many countries.

Dawood Ibrahim lives a very lavish life. He has a mansion and spends a lot of time partying. He is also known to be very kind to fellow gangsters. He gives others high sums of money and is very courteous. But, he isn’t as nice to his enemies.

Dawood Ibrahim is the most wanted man in India charged with organized crime and counterfeiting.

Motives: Dawood Ibrahim’s motives are likely to earn lots of money and to have a large gang

Rights Violated: Right to life, Right to property and possession

(image source behindindia.com)






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